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Our Baby



Paperback Picture Books

Our Baby


Our Baby
Margaret Wild & Karen Blair

Some babies have a mum and a dad.
Some babies have a mum, and a dad who lives elsewhere.
Some babies have two mums. Or two dads.
Our baby has a mum and a dad
and a big sister - me!

Babies come in all shapes and sizes, and from all sorts of families.
Some babies have milky mouths, snotty noses, tufty hair, or no hair at all. Some babies like going to cafes, or to the park. Some like playing at home.

Everyone of them is different, and every one of them is special.

Coming Soon - September 2016

ISBN 978 1 921504 79 2
250 x 240 mm
PB 32 pp $14.99
Full colour

Rights Available: World rights excluding ANZ

Danny Snell

Seagull loves to fly. It makes her heart sing. But when she gets caught in a tangle of fishing line on the beach, Seagull can only watch as birds fly effortlessly above. What can she do?

Shortlisted for the Wilderness Society’s 2016 Environment Award for Children’s Literature

Coming Soon - October 2016

ISBN 978 1 921504 82 2
250 x 240 mm
PB 32 pp RRP $14.99

Full colour

Rights: World rights excluding ANZ and Korea



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